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About the Home Retreat

The Home Retreat was established in 2005 and is located in Austin's fast-growing 2nd Street District. Our store concept stemmed from the desire to help anyone transform their living space into a personal retreat. By juxtaposing fine decor with organic and natural beauty, you can create a rich and highly personalized home environment that is alive with alluring colors, textures, shapes, and sounds.

We are excited to offer you products that cater to a vast range of design tastes and experiences: from whimsical to traditional; sophisticated contemporary to minimalist tranquility.

The Home Retreat features the very best brands of:
  • bed linens including sheets, duvets, coverlets, and throws,
  • bath and body products from soaps, lotions, and fine shaving essentials to robes and towels,
  • many types of fountain,
  • home accessories and decor,
  • furniture.
Contact us at 512-391-0330 or via email at info@thehomeretreat.com for your design needs. We will be happy to provide you with a complimentary design consultation.

About Our Vendors

All of our vendors are companies that embody the design philosophies that we strive to perpetuate. High quality materials, environmentally-friendly processes, manufacturing that is ideally based on artisian traditions, and reflection of unique self-expression are just a few of the qualities we insist upon when selecting products for our inventory.

Our vendors include Agraria, Michael Aram, Austin Productions, Blissliving, Blu World Fountains, Bonjour of Switzerland/Schlossberg, Botanicus, Deep Steep, Errebicasa, Kitras Art Glass, Karen Luu Home Couture, Music of the Spheres, Patagonia Trading Company, Peacock Alley, Kelly Rae Roberts, and Signoria.


Agraria began in the 1970s as a small, eclectic shop in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood, selling their signature Bitter Orange Potpourri and original Balsam Candle to loyal local enthusiasts. When Henry Bendel's director was given a box of their potpourri, she was so impressed she invited Agraria's founders to showcase their wonderful products at the front door of Bendel's "Scentiments" shop. This propelled them into nationwide press and well-deserved success.

Today, Agraria’s name is synonymous with luxury, and they continue to offer the highest quality home fragrance products created with the most thoughtful processes using premium botanicals and essential oils.

We’re pleased to offer Agraria’s AirEssence and PetiteEssence reed diffusers, TasselAire scented tassels, Cologne Spray, and Perfumed Burning Sticks.

Michael Aram:

Michael Aram is an American born metalurgy artist. On a trip to India, he discovered rich metalworking traditions and decided to set up shop in New Delhi.

Aram creates objects ranging from tableware to furniture that is sold worldwide in galleries and specialty stores. Each of his pieces is made by hand using age old traditional techniques. His work is characterized by organic shapes and things found in nature. Currently available collections include: "Earth," "Water," and "Dream."

Austin Productions:

Since 1953, Austin Productions’ mission has been “to collaborate with the most creative artists and retailers to bring beautiful objects into everyone’s home.” We love Austin’s high quality, impressive selection of home décor items, which includes many licensed museum sculpture reproductions as well as unique artist originals. Austin artists create sculpture, wall art, mirrors, candleholders, and more using a wide variety of mediums like natural stone, metals, wood, ceramic and glass.


Blissliving began in Asia with a couple’s simple quest for bed linens that combined blissful comfort with exemplary modern design. They realized it was up to them to bring their specific design desires to life, and so created Blissliving.

Their exclusive sheets, shams, and covers are made from superior cotton from the Orient, fine silk from India and China, or cotton jacquard from Italy. These high quality materials are then printed with bold, fresh, and completely unprecedented modern designs, using unique design inspiration from cities and cultures around the world.

Blu World:

Blu World fountains are handcrafted in the U.S. and available through the finest retailers around the world. They are formed from copper, natural slate, glass and gorgeous river stones. Custom, semi-custom and production models are available. Any of these can be engraved with your message or logo.

Blu World fountains utilize whisper-quiet pumps, so all you hear is the serene sound of flowing water. Set up and maintainance is easy, even with the largest of fountains.

Bonjour of Switzerland / Schlossberg:

Bonjour of Switzerland is characterized not only by state-of-the-art technology and superb craftsmanship, but by a design philosophy and environmental awareness matched by few manufacturers in the world.

Bonjour excels at crafting jacquard and sateen woven fabrics of high thread counts into exquisite bed linens of heirloom quality. Their designs are playful, classic, natural, bright, and confident.

Established in 1883, Bonjour now produces millions of yards of fabric each year for many different markets worldwide.


Established in 1982, Botanicus offers “botanically accurate fragrances” that include essential oils and complex scents - from the exotic to the surprising to the soothing. Their elegant line of reed diffusers, candles, and room sprays will titillate your olfactory senses and create a rich, beautiful atmosphere in any room of your home.

Deep Steep:

Deep Steep’s mission is about luxury and integrity. Their promise is “to provide you with the cleanest, purest, most luxurious products in your home without compromise. “

All Deep Steep products are paraben-free, free of synthetic fragrances, and made with 100% natural, certified organic ingredients. With over 25 years of research under their belt, Deep Steep has developed a non-chemical, 100% natural preservative system that exceeds all FDA regulations and guarantees a healthy 2-year shelf life. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Deep Steep products are produced using environmentally sustainable and environmentally efficient manufacturing processes, and all packaging and materials are recyclable and biodegradable.

Deep Steep products are certainly some of our favorites – not just because they’re manufactured to the highest standards of quality and integrity, but because they smell and feel absolutely wonderful!


For over twenty-five years, this family-based company has been “investing in quality”. And they believe that quality is not just a “marketing synonym” - their philosophy of Competence, Care, and Convenience has taken them to the top of what is already the “best in the world” – the Italian luxury bedding market.

Superior yarn quality plus precise printing, finishing, and sewing are what makes this company’s product truly excellent. Their elegant designs – from traditional to innovative - are some of the most luxurious we have seen, and we at The Home Retreat are proud to make this fine Italian bedding available to you.

Karen Luu Home Couture:

San Francisco-based Karen Luu has been designing and manufacturing clothing for over 20 years, and she continually strives to create new and improved products. Since 2004 she has been creating luxury lounge wear with “beauty, comfort and easy care in mind,” and we are happy to carry her line of beautiful minke robes.

Karen’s passion for luscious fabrics, inspired colors, and nature’s influence definitely shows through in her elegant and timeless designs. Her robes are a customer favorite at The Home Retreat, and we have no doubt it is because of the great care with which they are made – and, of course, the incredibly soft, luxurious fabric helps too.

Peacock Alley:

Peacock Alley has been around for more than 35 years. It was founded on the belief that the bedroom should be a haven of pleasure and comfort, and so their first offering to the design world was a stylish line of bedding in natural fibers, classic silhouettes and pleasing colors.

Since then, Peacock Alley has expanded to include both bedding and bath lines, all exemplifying indulgence.

Kelly Rae Roberts:

Kelly Rae began “living the creative life” when she was 30 and hasn’t stopped since then. Her uniquely stylized art has become extremely popular and can be found nationwide on cards, journals, magnets, decorative wall art, and more.

Having spent most of her life in the company of women, Kelly’s paintings express the gratitude and “kindred support she has felt from many of them throughout her life.” Kelly describes herself as “an artist, social worker, and all-around lover of life” whose mission is to express vitality and connectedness, and to help others express creativity.

Kitras Art Glass:

Kitras Art Glass is a family-owned Canadian company. Founder Stephen Kitras began the centuries old tradition of glass making in 1988, and sold glass art out of his home with the help of his wife Elke.

In 1994, Kitras Art Glass was formed, and for the past fifteen years, their company has produced “innovative and beautiful decorative glass objects” that uplift the spirit and enhance the modern home, garden, and lifestyle.

We’re always impressed by Kitras’ exemplary craftsmanship; their exquisite glass sculptures are certainly some of the most unique and beautiful we have ever seen.

Music of the Spheres:

This local company has been producing superior musical chimes since 1989. Hand-made with the utmost attention to detail, Music of the Spheres chimes are characterized by the highest acoustic and visual quality. Superb “materials, exacting tolerances and methodical assembly protocols ensure lasting quality and beauty.”

The founder’s simple vision of creating "the Stradivarius of windchimes" still holds true today, and The Home Retreat appreciates this company’s integrity and truly amazing product.

Patagonia Trading Company:

Patagonia specializes in “the art and assembly of exotic wood furniture and stylish upholstery pieces designed for a diverse clientele base all over the world.”

“Based in Los Angeles and owned by designer Edward Guerrero, the boutique company’s unique custom designs encompass a wide range of sought-after styles from classic to modern to “Old Hollywood” and Art Deco pieces that easily fit into any decor.”

“All of the company’s upholstery pieces are bench-made and manufactured on site in Los Angeles, and more and more of its case goods are now also manufactured in the U.S.”


The Signoria philosophy is "To feel in touch with yourself." Their intention is to create home linens that inspire and enliven the home; that allow people everywhere and anywhere to express their vitality and true sense of self.

Their style, though ranging from the classic to the ultra-modern, is undoubtedly fresh and contemporary. Their line is characterized by opulent jaquards and sateens patterned with bold florals, organic shapes, unprecedented design pairings, and minimalist geometrics.

Signoria takes raw, 100% Egyptian cottons of the highest quality, and uses finishing and dying processes that allow for unprecedented fabric longevity. Their exemplary designs and unrivaled manufacturing standards, as well as respect for tradition and superior ethics, make Signoria a company that epitomizes superior craftsmanship. With headquarters in Italy, New York, Miami, Russia, and Dubai, there is no question that Signoria is an international leader in the design industry.